The Passover Diet book by Raymond Basri MD, FACP The Passover Diet


Eat Healthy and Stay Fit

By Ray Basri MD, FACP

The Passover Diet is a physician guide to a simple and effective nutrition plan. "Everything in moderation" by following this philosophy. Weight loss needn’t be complicated, expensive, or filled with hunger pangs. ‘The Passover Diet’ by Dr. Ray Basri MD, FACP is a common-sense guide to weight loss.


After decades in the medical profession, Dr. Ray Basri really knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition, weight loss, and living a healthier life. He has recommended this diet thousands of times to patients with diabetes high cholesterol hypertension and cardiac diseases. has recommended this diet thousands of times to patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and cardiac diseases. 


“The Passover Diet'' is centered around cutting out three simple foods - you can probably guess two of them are sugar and dough. However, we’ll keep the other one a secret (you may be surprised!). Unlike many other diets, The Passover Diet focuses on moderation, balance, and nutrition.


These cornerstones not only lead to successful weight loss but overall health, vitality, and boosted energy levels. With expert information and irresistible recipes, anyone can lose weight with ‘The Passover Diet’ no matter their starting point. Lose weight, feel fantastic, and get the most out of life.


Dr. Ray Basri MD formulated ‘The Passover Diet’ to help anyone lose weight easily yet effectively. With four simple rules to follow, The Passover Diet is foolproof yet completely delicious. Packed with tasty recipes the whole family will love, The Passover Diet guides you toward weight loss, more energy, and a healthier lifestyle. 


Formulated by a trained doctor: know you’re in the best hands, with no extreme steps or unrealistic expectations. Keep it simple, stupid! 


A safe and balanced approach to weight loss: reach your goal weight without drastic measures or unsustainable rules to follow. Lose weight...keep it off. 

Based around the “everything in moderation” philosophy: sure, you’ll be saying “see ya” to a few familiar treats, but they’ll be replaced by even tastier alternatives. Eat well, nourish your body, and reap the rewards.
Delicious and easy-to-follow recipes: no more wondering what to make for dinner! Packed with tasty recipes anyone can make, with no exotic ingredients or tricky instructions. 

Foods the whole family will love: get the whole family on board with delicious meals you can whip up in no time. Even the kids will be asking for seconds. 

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